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Thank you!!

Really wish I could add to notes without reposting - is there such a thing?

Anyhoo - Top pic is a leather top Samshield, like my helmet, with monogram size and style I want to do (shown in shiny black)

Other 2 pics are of the matte black glitter. I think that’s my fav material color choice so far.

Thanks for the comments! This would be for everyday or showing jumpers - would not show hunters with the decals. (Also thinking about ordering a fancy all navy premium Samshield, with full crystals and stingray, when I start doing 1.20+ classes 😉)

Decided I’m also going to order some of the round monograms for my EquiFit boots. Will post after pics

**Above helmet pics from Personally Preppy IG or FB page**

SO I really love all the personally preppy monogram decals I’ve seen lately. I’d LOVE to put one on my helmet, but I’m not sure how 1) it would look on the leather (looks great on the matte and alcantara tops) and 2) if it would be overkill - since it was a custom helmet and my name is already permanently on the side 😕

Thoughts / opinions?




My little copilot/ barn helper 😊

My little copilot/ barn helper 😊

Equestrian themed Aston Martin -

A new gear

Very excited about the past few rides I had on sun, mon and today.

I noticed a spur rub on Baron’s right side the other day, so since then I’ve been riding without spurs (rubbed the hair off, but no bleeding or redness).

He’s definitely on the slow side, so I traded my spurs for a dressage whip. He was a little heavy on Sunday, he usually is after a day off, but otherwise he felt really great at the trot.

Over the next 2 days, the trot was just as good, and without being heavy on the forehand. I’m not sure how it looked, but his stride just felt better. Sometimes warming up, he felt “floppy” if you will. Shorter, choppy, bouncy - not really paying attention - youngster stride. Since I didn’t have the extra help of spurs, I felt I had to drive him forward more with all of my leg and even my seat a little bit. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s mentally picking things up, or due to physical development, instead of resisting - he pleasantly stayed in front of my leg. His stride was bigger and longer, not faster though. He was poking his nose forward a little, stretching through his neck and back, and really driving himself from his hind end. It felt wonderful - like I had discovered a whole new gear.

Yesterday and today, this trot was even more consistent from the beginning, during turns and when changing diagonals. I also stayed seated more at the canter, and kept the lead while changing directions and worked on some counter cantering (which he did well with)

My Sunday ride was a bit longer - riding until he lightened up on the forehand, but he was so great yesterday and today from the get go, that I kept the rides shorter.

He has a well deserved day off tomorrow, and I’ll finish the week with rides on Thursday and Friday 👍

His coat is looking SO good (was probably the bath yesterday lol). So is his weight. His dun stripe was really standing out today too 😍

We may have grown old, but we will never grow up

30 and up “riding camp” lol

I guess Jolie was a good investment. I’ve already gotten some email inquiries and offers for her - from people seeing her training videos.

Feeling slightly confused, but flattered and excited 😊



nycequestrian asked: I love your blog. It gives me hope that one day I'll be able to work hard enough to have my own horse. :)

Thank you so much! 😊

Yes you can!! That’s one of the reasons I have this tumblr. It took me a while to figure things out in life (and lord knows I’m still learning as I go), but of I can do it, ANYONE can! 👍